15 Problems Girls With Big B00bs Can Relate To (Take Note Of Number 13)


Ladies with big boobs flaunt it very well these days, But that doesna��t mean there isna��t a dark (droopy) side.
Here are some common issues the busty ladies who walk among us are facing .
1) Guys pay too much attention to your boobs
2) Strapless bras are a joke.
3) You get told your breasts are a�?distracting.a�?
4) You cana��t run without planning for it in advance (Running is painful).
5) Backless clothing is not an option.
6) You automatically look sexual in everything you wear.
7) People ask what size bra you are.
8) Boob sweat.
9) Hugging people (especially fellow big-breastians) is awkward
10) Never finding cute bras in your size buy paroxetine online without prescription, clomid reviews.
11) DEFINITELY cana��t go bra-less.
12) Anything that involves the word a�?straplessa�? = off limits
13) Cana��t find a bra that holds everything in.
14) Cana��t get rid of those stretch marks.
15) Definitely cana��t sleep face-down
Keep the list going.
You can add yours!!

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