How Witch Doctor Reportedly Made Lukaku Leave Everton


A witch doctor has been alleged to have played a pivotal role in the exit of Lukaku from Everton where he made his name in Europe.

Romelu Lukaku

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A�Evertona��s major shareholder, Farhad Moshiri, has claimed that Romelu Lukaku decided to leave Everton after a witch doctor advised him to join Chelsea.
Lukaku was ready to sign a new contract in the region of A?140,000 per week, but made a u-turn last March and told the club he wanted to leave in the summer.
He eventually moved to Manchester United in a deal worth A?90million.
a�?If I tell you what we offered him you wouldna��t believe it but they offered him a better deal.
a�?His agent came to the training ground and was about to sign and the player was on a pilgrimage in Africa and he had a voodoo or something and he had to sign for Chelsea.
a�?The issue with Romelu was not financial. As long as I am major shareholder financial issues are irrelevant. I wasted two summers to keep him: first summer with his agent, him and his family we managed to keep him,a�?A�Moshiri said at the cluba��s annual AGM.


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