Meet 24-Year-Old Zimbabwean Lady, Born With No Arms & Knees, But Runs A Blog (Photos)


Her name is Sinikiwe Kademunga a 24 year old Zimbabwean, She was born with no arms, no knees, But to Sinkiwe nothing is Impossible, she broke all odds, shame and all, and strive to survive, be happy no matter what. zoloft online, cheap lioresal.

Although she grew up with cultural, social and economic barriers, she did not let that ground her.

In 2016 she won the Courage award for the Zimbabwe International Womena��s Awards (ZIWA).

She is currently completing her degree in Social Work at the University of Cape Town.

Sinikiwe also runs a blog called Life in the shoes of a short girl where she shares her life journey to inspire and mentor other young Africans like herself to be more confident in their own bodies.

Her Slogan is a�?Life of a Short Girla��. And shea��s indeed Inspiring.

B.O.B| C.E.O/Founder An embodiment of skills and talent all in one young personality. A certified Geologist, A&R ,PR/Media consultant, Social Media Addict, it’s sure safe to say he is 100/% media and Entertainment. Twitter/IG: @officialbob07


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