Photos: Fisherman Loses Both Legs After He Was Attacked By a Hippopotamus

A man who went along with his friend to a lake to fish has been left in a shocking state after they were attacked by a hippopotamus.

Enock Romano had his legs amputated after the attack
A fisherman has had his legs amputated after being attacked by a hippopotamus that also injured another man, TheA�Star KenyaA�has reported.
The man identified as Enock Romano had the legs amputated from the knees down after he suffered deep wounds when his legs were crushed by a hippo in Oserian, Kenya, over the weekend.
The sad incident took place at the beach of Lake Naivasha when the hippo attacked both of them. Naivasha Sub-County Hospital nurse Susan Kamau told The Standard that Romano would receive artificial legs after he has recovered from his injuries.
Enock friend was also attacked by the animal
‘It was impossible to treat them. The victim had to be rushed to theatre as his legs were literally hanging from the skin. They had to be amputated as we did not have any other option,’A�she said.
The second man who was attacked had deep thigh injuries, but is in stable condition and will be discharged soon.
David Kilo, chairman Lake Naivasha boat owners association, blamed human encroachment into animal grazing areas.
‘We have witnessed cases of farmers fencing riparian land locking the animals in the water. The animals attack people as they have to seek new routes,’A�he told The Star.


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