Shocking!! See Restaurant Where All Staff & Boss Are All HIV Positive (WATCH VIDEO)



Herea��s a restaurant in Toronto where everyone has HIV!

Toronto is home to a new, first-of-its-kind pop-up a�� the worlda��s only restaurant where every piece of food is made by someone with HIV.

Organizers say the impetus was a recent poll that found that the thought of dining with somebody whoa��s HIV-positive still paralyzes them with fear.

The survey by Casey House, Canadaa��s only hospital dedicated to people living with HIV/AIDS, found that nearly half of Canadians wouldna��t eat a meal prepared by someone with the disease, even though health experts say the infection cana��t be transmitted that way.

To combat the stigma around food prep, Casey House decided it was time to pull a bold stunt.

The pop-up, called Junea��s Eatery after Casey Housea��s co-founder June Callwood, launched this week. It advertised two four-course dinners made by 14 HIV-positive chefs for $125 a�� one yesterday, the other today. Both of them sold out.

Organizers told The Guardian that they even welcome a�?negative coverage,a�? though, as the a�?entire point of the pop-upa�? is a�?exposing the ignorance and blame around HIV and AIDS.a�?

They did their best to test people, too a�� organizers say they mailed jars of soup prepared by the HIV-positive team to newsrooms a�?across Canada.a�?

It seems they didna��t really care what became of that soup in a box, as long as it challenged media to a�?examine their own beliefsa�? before writing about the event.

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