Before And After Make-up Photos Of Kate Henshaw

For most people, the older they get, the more self-accepting they become and for Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, it’s no different.

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Veteran actress/fitness enthusiast, Kate Henshaw, is definitely one Nigerian celebrity who has earned herself quite a lot of fans who see her as a role model.
Ever since her break into Nollywood in 1993, she has continued to maintain a healthy career even as she gets older. For the 46-year-old mother of one seems to only get wiser with age.
She recently took to social media to share a rather inspiring message, preaching about self-love and acceptance of oneself.
Sharing an amazing photo of herself before and after makeup, she accompanied it with a beautiful message: “The older I get.. the more confident and content I am in my space/lane. Confident in who I am and whose I am…”I am the Apple of His eye” The more I value positive relationships…those who encourage, push you and lift up your spirit.
No time for negative opinions in any shape or form…It’s not about things but people… having lost all I had a few years ago in a fire outbreak, material things mean less to me…My spirit craves to be filled with good vibes only and always..Learn to be your own best friend..Good morning dears.. Do you…all day, everyday!!!You are the only original of yourself!!!”A�


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