INTERVIEW QUESTION: On How Mc Teetalk Oropo Became An Versatile Presenter&Entertainer


UPTODATEZ- 1. Please introduce yourself

MC Oropo- My name is Oluwatosin Popoola  am a Presenter,Entertainer and chronic standup comedian,Popularly Known as Mc Teetalk Oropo.

Hear are Some photos of Mc Oropo- @ Studio

UPTODATEZ- 2. Which school did you attend and what course did you Study

MC Oropo- I am an Ond holder from the great citadel of the Polytechnic Ibadan. I study Actuarial Science (INSURANCE)

UPTODATEZ- 3. What have you achieve since when you desired to become a presenter.

MC Oropo-  Achievement: Hmmm have achieved alot of things in this work in which I can’t start to mention. But what I just know is I have achieved things beyond my thinking and reasoning.

UPTODATEZ- 4. What impact have you made by helping people outside there.

Mc Oropo- Well that is my first priority in this industry.. Because there are alot of talented ones outside there in the industry in which they have no helper, no one to promote their music 🎶 or talent. So that is the reason why God has place us in this position to lift up those set of people in the industry. Because if God bless you with something or put you in one position, it not basically because of you but because of the unprivileged ones,so as to help them or lift them up.

UPTODATEZ- 5. How Come you get into this presenter of a thing.

Mc Oropo-  Well broadcasting and presenting has been one of my largest dream on earth and my heart desires. Because right from my childhood I love anything entertainment and media. When I was young I listen, Watch and read anything media and entertainment, so when watching or listening to those people, it my dream that one day I also will become someone like them and God has also bless me with the same talent. So let me just say my talent and ambitions got me into this media industry.

UPTODATEZ-6. Like how many artist have you meet and promote

Mc Oropo- Hmmm…. Countless. Have met alot of Artistes in my life(celebrity ones). Even those ones I cant imagine am going to meet in my life. And have helped alot of artistes both upcoming ones and well-known.

UPTODATEZ- 7. Most encouraging moment in your career.

Mc Oropo- Hmmm… You see one thing in this world is, if you have a talent boiling in you,don’t kill the talent,don’t just take the talent for granted. Try all your possibilities best to take the talent or carrier to the next level. Yes you might have no connection,money or who to help but take this there is always a way out where there is not a way out. If I could just look into my carrier very well I see nothing but mercy and Grace. Because I started at the crash level, no one to help,no frd,no family nobody but I don’t relent, I just have that passion that I most get there and this is me today. And am not there already untill I got there.

UPTODATEZ- 8. Most challenging moment in your career.

Mc Oropo- Haaaaa… Challenging moment? Where should I start from? there is on constant thing in life in which is, if you have that great passion,vision and mission to be great in life you will surely have a challenges. Not ordinarily challenge but bitter one,that will give u a big discouragement not to move forward. But take this Don’t ever take a discouragement as a defeat’ if you do, u go no where. Alot of challenges,in fact every day by day you meet new new challenges. But the most challenging moment of my carrier is you know before I became a versatile presenter, am a standup comedian, you know back then in school when you lobby for shows just to showcase your talent and you will be giving a little time to perform just because you lobby for it, you are not invited. On getting to the stage just to show off your talent, you will start hearing something like ‘who is this one? not only that but just to start cracking jokes and you starting hearing something like ‘ what is this one saying ?’ ‘it not funny joor’. U know abusive language like that and before you know it they have rubbish you and bounced you out of the stage. (a great embarrassment). Not even a person will encourage you, there will rather speak discouragement words to you and you will know start asking your self ‘Do I have this talent?’ ‘Can I do this thing?’. You will start doubting in yourself. That is why I said earlier ‘Don’t take discouragement has a defeats’. If you take it as a defeat that is when you will now relent and say to your self I cant do this thing let me try another thing and with that you cant get anywhere!!!!

UPTODATEZ- 9. Your Role Models?

Mc Oropo- My role models are first of all my boss who showed me way to this industry, in the person of MC OTUNBA DAYO AJITERU (BISHOP ORI RADIO). and AYLIVE.

UPTODATEZ- 10. What can you say about Uptodatez?

Mc Oropo- UPTODATEZ BLOG? I will tell you is one of the best blog mentioned in Nigeria. In terms of promotion’s, entertainment, news gist, advert and others. There Are one of the best blog you can work with, for your music promotions, adverts and lot more. Take it UPTODATEZ NA BABA WON!!!

UPTODATEZ- 11. How can your fans reach you to know more about you

Mc Oropo- You can follow me on twitter, instagram, facebook as Fb: Mc Teetalk Oropo
Fb page: McOropo the comedian.

Thank you for taking your time to respond to our questions, we hope to pay

you a visit for a visual interview soonest.


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