Man Who Lost Both His Arms During War Feeds His New Baby With His Feet (Photos)

A man who lost both his arms during a war has been spotted feeding his daughter with his feet as he shares his joy at becoming a father.

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Ali Abbas and his baby
Ali Abbas is an orphan who was bombed and consequently left without arms during the Iraq War has shared his joy after becoming a dad and has been pictured feeding his newborn baby with his feet.
According to a report byA�The Sun UK,A�Ali Abbas also suffered 60 per cent burns and lost 16 members of his family, including his parents, during a US missile attack on Baghdad when he was just 12-years-old.
Shocking pictures which beamed across the world showcasing his burns and shattered body made him the a face synonymous with the harrowing conflict.
Abbas, one of the most severely injured victims of the Iraq war, was not expected to see his 13th birthday.
But 15 years after the horrific attacks, he is now the proud father of baby Yusuf, born on January 23 at a central Baghdad hospital.
Abbas, now 27-years-old, told Mirror Online:A�“In my darkest moments I could never have imagined I would become a father one day.
“Now Yusuf is my future, my family. Now his arms are my arms. From now for everyday of his life I will enjoy watching him do all the things I haven’t been able to do.”
Ali Abbas feeding his baby
The memory of the terrifying day that changed his life continues to haunt Ali.
During dark and difficult nights he can still hear the echoes of his familya��s screams as a ceiling and wall fell on them while fire engulfed their home.
A neighbour eventually plucked Alia��s charred frame from the burning rubble and rushed him to a nearby hospital.
His tragic plight touched millions around the globe after medics in Iraq put out an appeal for help and he was airlifted to Kuwait for life-saving surgery.
He was eventually flown to Britain, where he was fitted with artificial arms by specialists at Queen Marya��s Hospital in south London.
In June 2010 he passed a UK citizenship test and formally became a British citizen.
Since then, Ali has made several trips back to Iraq to be reunited with his surviving sisters and members of his extended family.
During one trip he was reintroduced to Ankam, a pretty childhood friend who is now 24.
The pair began a long courtship which survived extended periods apart.
In the summer of 2012 the couple got engaged and took part in a ceremony which included a blessing from the Koran by an imam, then last month Ali flew back to Iraq again, this time to make Ankam his wife.


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