Meet Bill, The 67-Year-Old Grandfather Whose Ripped Body Is Causing A Stir On The Internet (Photos)

A grandfather is causing some stir on social media after he showed off his ripped abs and strong body online.

A�This is Bill.
Hea��s a former marine who lives in Dallas and now spends his time as an online fitness influencer.
But hea��s not your average source of #fitspo. Oh no, Billa��s a 67-year-old granddad who spends at least two hours a day down the gym and uploads his workout routines to his Instagram for others to follow.
After just two years in the online game, hea��s now got thousands of fans who follow his every muscular move.
a�?I was reposted on a group for over 40s who keep fit and all of a sudden, I had thousands of people following me and interested in how I managed to look like I do,a��A�Bill recalls.
a�?I thought it would be a fun opportunity to speak with people about keeping fit and to maybe tell them how I keep in shape.
a�?I eat the same thing every day. I have oats, omelettes, chicken and salads. I dona��t drink at all really a�� it never really agreed with me.a��
Bill has two breakfasts and a chicken salad before heading to the gym around midday and only gives himself one day off a week.
The former male entertainer believes hea��s been blessed with a a�?physical gifta�� which shouldna��t go to waste, which is why hea��s always kept in good shape.
So, whata��s Billa��s secret?
a�?Ia��m not a personal trainer so I dona��t really give professional advice. I just tell people what I do as they seem interested,a��A�he says.A�a�?I have always eaten to stay alive. I see food as fuel. I am always trying to get my body fat down.a��
As for his fans, well, hea��s obviously got a load. In fact, hea��s got 26.5k on Instagram.
a�?I do get looks on the street and people pay me compliments. Some people are a bit envious at times but most people are supportive and like to see my progress.a��


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