Nigerian Rapper, Yung6ix Kicks After Fan Bashed Him For Tweeting From His Hospital Bed

Popular rapper Yung6ix, who posted a clip from his hospital bed in the UK, has faced the brunt of a fan on Twitter who were not happy with the controversial post.A�A�
Popular Nigerian rapper, Yung6ix, who is currently in a hospital as a result of an unidentified ailment, is not in the best of moods.
The artiste on Tuesday night took to his Twitter page to share a clip of himself on his hospital bed intimating his followers of his condition.
“Watching the game from the hospital. This Real Madrid game is intense,”A�he tweeted.
While some prayed for him to get well soon, others wondered why he would share such an image on social media.

One fan wrote that:A�a�?Who cares if you are watching it from the hospital… U just jobless…E remain to tweet say you they toilet.a�?A�
Yung6ix answered by saying:A�a�?Ita��s easy to tweet things you cana��t say in real life because they will either end you in this same hospital bed or in your grave. Go on coward.a�?A�


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