Samklef And Daddy Freeze Fight Dirty On Instagram Again

Nigerian music producer, Samklef and Daddy Freeze are at loggerheads again as the latter educates the music man on his tenses.

Samklef and Daddy Freeze
Singer and producer, Samklef and a�?Free The Sheeplea�? convener, Daddy Freeze, have been fighting dirty onA�Instagram since January, 2018.
It all started when the controversial OAP, who is of the opinion that tithes and first fruits shouldna��t be paid to the church, criticized a news about the healing of a mentally challenged man at an RCCG church.
Samklef, who has gotten fed up of Freezea��s antics, stood up to him and said his criticism on churches is getting boring. From there, the exchange got pretty heated up, which later led to Samklef blocking the Freeze on Instagram.
Most people thought it ended after that, but no. Samklef yesterday shared a photo of Freeze on his Instagram and slammed him writing;
a�?2007 I used to work for a company called sound factory when mai atafo was still the brand manager of Guinness this dick freezer guy has been working for cool fm since 2007 till date why I left the company 2007 for the street to establish myself , the funny things is that the station a�?coolfma�� who use to feed on the support of pastor over their praise jam concert Sacked him last year and was accepted back with plead of people, in case you need employment my son @officialliljason CEOa��KLEF SOUND EMPIRE is hiring next month so you can come submit your Cv for employment .. fake ass oyinboA� A� A�leta��s see who is the bossa��.. my career is dead abeg make u and ur mumu satan followers talk another thing no be money way artist they pay u for promotion u dey take survive fooooool poor guy with fake watch ?a�?
Freeze replied;
a�?Before people start delineating me as disputatious, just remember that you started this, being the dolt with the brains of a colt that youa��ve always beena��.?
Anyway dear child, fret not, I come as a friend. Jesus instructed us to love our neighbors as ourselves, so consider this post a gift from me, which could serve as the much needed publicity for your putrefied album and necrotizing career.
After reading this, curiosity would prompt many to seek your material and perhaps hear your outdated and pathetically mediocre attempt at producing.
This kind gesture of mine could stall the embalming process of your exanimate vocation, which to most people is already lying in state! ~FRZ
Na person papa be this o! What is a�?plead of peoplea�? or a�?use to feed on the support of pastora�??
Sorry guys, but I cana��t make head or tail of this buffoonery.
Baba, write this thing for Yoruba, dona��t worry Ia��m multilingual, So ni ede to ye e!?
How can a grown man be this unlettered?
Your son is hiring Please do the world a favour and keep him in school so he doesna��t end up with subnormal discernment, like you did!?a�?


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